About Us

What inspired Giuseppe’s Mar arquiteture was born from inside a fisherman’s house

This was the beginning, a guiding line with so many remarkable references for the environment. Rustic elements with light tons were mixed, transforming each ambiance into a unique and cozy place, where tranquility rests awaiting for good food.

Hospitality is a great mark of this house for generations.Receiving our guests is a honor, and for them we are dedicated to creating an unique experience of wellness.

Fish Market

The fish market is our trademark

In tank full of ice in the middle of the hall, fish and seafood are brought and deposited there, daily by our exclusive team of divers fishermen.

Snappers, groupers, red snappers, seabass – among others, that come directly from the sea to be exposed there, in the reach of hands, for your choice. Quantity and variety depends on our fishermen everyday luck.



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Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 12h to 23h

Friday to Saturday 12h to 0h

Sunday and hollidays 12h to 22h


21 3252.2588 | 96745.0248


Village Mall - Av das Americas 3900 - Piso L2